A Course
In Miracles

Authorized Online Edition
Workbook For Students



Salvation is my only function here.

1. 1Salvation and forgiveness are the same. 2They both imply that something has gone wrong; something to be saved from, forgiven for; something amiss that needs corrective change; something apart or different from the Will of God. 3Thus do both terms imply a thing impossible but yet which has occurred, resulting in a state of conflict seen between what is and what could never be.

2. 1Truth and illusions both are equal now, for both have hap­pened. 2The impossible becomes the thing you need forgiveness for, salvation from. 3Salvation now becomes the borderland be­tween the truth and the illusion. 4It reflects the truth because it is the means by which you can escape illusions. 5Yet it is not yet the truth because it undoes what was never done.

3. 1How could there be a meeting place at all where earth and Heaven can be reconciled within a mind where both of them ex­ist? 2The mind that sees illusions thinks them real. 3They have existence in that they are thoughts. 4And yet they are not real, because the mind that thinks these thoughts is separate from God.

4. 1What joins the separated mind and thoughts with Mind and Thought which are forever one? 2What plan could hold the truth inviolate, yet recognize the need illusions bring, and offer means by which they are undone without attack and with no touch of pain? 3What but a Thought of God could be this plan, by which the never done is overlooked, and sins forgotten which were never real?

5. 1The Holy Spirit holds this plan of God exactly as it was re­ceived of Him within the Mind of God and in your own. 2It is apart from time in that its Source is timeless. 3Yet it operates in time, because of your belief that time is real. 4Unshaken does the Holy Spirit look on what you see; on sin and pain and death, on grief and separation and on loss. 5Yet does He know one thing must still be true; God is still Love, and this is not His Will.

6. 1This is the Thought that brings illusions to the truth, and sees them as appearances behind which is the changeless and the sure. 2This is the Thought that saves and that forgives, because it lays no faith in what is not created by the only Source it knows. 3This is the Thought whose function is to save by giving you its function as your own. 4Salvation is your function, with the One to Whom the plan was given. 5Now are you entrusted with this plan, along with Him. 6He has one answer to appearances; regardless of their form, their size, their depth or any attribute they seem to have:

7Salvation is my only function here.
8God still is Love, and this is not His Will.

7. 1You who will yet work miracles, be sure you practice well the idea for today. 2Try to perceive the strength in what you say, for these are words in which your freedom lies. 3Your Father loves you. 4All the world of pain is not His Will. 5Forgive yourself the thought He wanted this for you. 6Then let the Thought with which He has replaced all your mistakes enter the darkened places of your mind that thought the thoughts that never were His Will.

8. 1This part belongs to God, as does the rest. 2It does not think its solitary thoughts, and make them real by hiding them from Him. 3Let in the light, and you will look upon no obstacle to what He wills for you. 4Open your secrets to His kindly light, and see how bright this light still shines in you.

9. 1Practice His Thought today, and let His light seek out and lighten up all darkened spots, and shine through them to join them to the rest. 2It is God’s Will your mind be one with His. 3It is God’s Will that He has but one Son. 4It is God’s Will that His one Son is you. 5Think of these things in practicing today, and start the lesson that we learn today with this instruction in the way of truth:

6Salvation is my only function here.
7Salvation and forgiveness are the same.

8Then turn to Him Who shares your function here, and let Him teach you what you need to learn to lay all fear aside, and know your Self as Love which has no opposite in you.

10. 1Forgive all thoughts which would oppose the truth of your completion, unity and peace. 2You cannot lose the gifts your Father gave. 3You do not want to be another self. 4You have no function that is not of God. 5Forgive yourself the one you think you made. 6Forgiveness and salvation are the same. 7Forgive what you have made and you are saved.

11. 1There is a special message for today which has the power to remove all forms of doubt and fear forever from your mind. 2If you are tempted to believe them true, remember that appear­ances can not withstand the truth these mighty words contain:

3Salvation is my only function here.
4God still is Love, and this is not His Will.

12. 1Your only function tells you you are one. 2Remind yourself of this between the times you give five minutes to be shared with Him Who shares God’s plan with you. 3Remind yourself:

4Salvation is my only function here.

5Thus do you lay forgiveness on your mind and let all fear be gently laid aside, that love may find its rightful place in you and show you that you are the Son of God.