A Course
In Miracles

Authorized Online Edition
Workbook For Students



There is no will but God’s.

1. 1The idea for today can be regarded as the central thought toward which all our exercises are directed. 2God’s is the only Will. 3When you have recognized this, you have recognized that your will is His. 4The belief that conflict is possible has gone. 5Peace has replaced the strange idea that you are torn by conflict­ing goals. 6As an expression of the Will of God, you have no goal but His.

2. 1There is great peace in today’s idea, and the exercises for today are directed towards finding it. 2The idea itself is wholly true. 3Therefore it cannot give rise to illusions. 4Without illusions conflict is impossible. 5Let us try to recognize this today, and experi­ence the peace this recognition brings.

3. 1Begin the longer practice periods by repeating these thoughts several times, slowly and with firm determination to understand what they mean, and to hold them in mind:

2There is no will but God’s. 3I cannot be in conflict.

4Then spend several minutes in adding some related thoughts, such as:

5I am at peace.
6Nothing can disturb me. 7My will is God’s.
8My will and God’s are one.
9God wills peace for His Son.

10During this introductory phase, be sure to deal quickly with any conflict thoughts that may cross your mind. 11Tell yourself immediately:

12There is no will but God’s. 13These conflict thoughts are meaningless.

4. 1If there is one conflict area that seems particularly difficult to resolve, single it out for special consideration. 2Think about it briefly but very specifically, identify the particular person or persons and the situation or situations involved, and tell yourself:

3There is no will but God’s. 4I share it with Him.
5My conflicts about _________ cannot be real.

5. 1After you have cleared your mind in this way, close your eyes and try to experience the peace to which your reality entitles you. 2Sink into it and feel it closing around you. 3There may be some temptation to mistake these attempts for withdrawal, but the dif­ference is easily detected. 4If you are succeeding, you will feel a deep sense of joy and an increased alertness, rather than a feeling of drowsiness and enervation.

6. 1Joy characterizes peace. 2By this experience will you recognize that you have reached it. 3If you feel yourself slipping off into withdrawal, quickly repeat the idea for today and try again. 4Do this as often as necessary. 5There is definite gain in refusing to allow retreat into withdrawal, even if you do not experience the peace you seek.

7. 1In the shorter periods, which should be undertaken at regular and predetermined intervals today, say to yourself:

2There is no will but God’s. 3I seek His peace today.

4Then try to find what you are seeking. 5A minute or two every half an hour, with eyes closed if possible, would be well spent on this today.