A Course
In Miracles

Authorized Online Edition
Workbook For Students



I offer only miracles today, For I would have them be returned to me.

1. 1Father, a miracle reflects Your gifts to me, Your Son. 2And every one I give returns to me, reminding me the law of love is universal. 3Even here, it takes a form which can be recognized and seen to work. 4The miracles I give are given back in just the form I need to help me with the problems I perceive. 5Father, in Heaven it is different, for there, there are no needs. 6But here on earth, the miracle is closer to Your gifts than any other gift that I can give. 7Then let me give this gift alone today, which, born of true forgiveness, lights the way that I must travel to remember You.

2. 1Peace to all seeking hearts today. 2The light has come to offer miracles to bless the tired world. 3It will find rest today, for we will offer what we have received.