A Course
In Miracles

Authorized Online Edition
Workbook For Students



I am surrounded by the Love of God.

1. 1Father, You stand before me and behind, beside me, in the place I see myself, and everywhere I go. 2You are in all the things I look upon, the sounds I hear, and every hand that reaches for my own. 3In You time disappears, and place becomes a meaningless belief. 4For what sur­rounds Your Son and keeps him safe is Love itself. 5There is no source but this, and nothing is that does not share its holiness; that stands beyond Your one creation, or without the Love which holds all things within itself. 6Father, Your Son is like Yourself. 7We come to You in Your Own Name today, to be at peace within Your everlasting Love.

2. 1My brothers, join with me in this today. 2This is salvation’s prayer. 3Must we not join in what will save the world, along with us?