A Course
In Miracles

Authorized Online Edition
Workbook For Students



Whatever suffers is not part of me.

1. 1I have disowned the truth. 2Now let me be as faithful in dis­owning falsity. 3Whatever suffers is not part of me. 4What grieves is not myself. 5What is in pain is but illusion in my mind. 6What dies was never living in reality, and did but mock the truth about myself. 7Now I disown self-concepts and deceits and lies about the holy Son of God. 8Now am I ready to accept him back as God created him, and as he is.

2. 1Father, my ancient love for You returns, and lets me love Your Son again as well. 2Father, I am as You created me. 3Now is Your Love remembered, and my own. 4Now do I understand that they are one.