A Course
In Miracles

Authorized Online Edition
Workbook For Students



Father, today I am Your Son again.

1. 1Today we will anticipate the time when dreams of sin and guilt are gone, and we have reached the holy peace we never left. 2Merely a tiny instant has elapsed between eternity and timeless­ness. 3So brief the interval there was no lapse in continuity, nor break in thoughts which are forever unified as one. 4Nothing has ever happened to disturb the peace of God the Father and the Son. 5This we accept as wholly true today.

2. 1We thank You, Father, that we cannot lose the memory of You and of Your Love. 2We recognize our safety, and give thanks for all the gifts You have bestowed on us, for all the loving help we have received, for Your eternal patience, and the Word which You have given us that we are saved.